Gel Back Cushions

Gel Back Cushions

Do you have loose shoes that you cannot walk in? This product is right for you!
VivoFoot Back Cushions are made with high-quality gel material that provides soft padding along shoe´s edge and turn loose shoes into snug ones, making your feet comfortable all day long.
BETTER COMFORT: It provides soft padding along shoe´s edge protecting against abrasion.
SELF-ADHESIVE: The heel cushions have strong self-adhesive that firmly stay in place for lasting comfort.
BETTER FIT FOR LOOSE SHOES: It is a perfect shoe sizer to make loose shoes fit & comfortable.
WASHABLE & REUSABLE: It is made with clear gel that is washable & reusable. If the adhesive loses its stickness, just wash it with warm water and let it dry. Avoid drying under the sun. The stickness would come back again when it’s dry.
ONE FITS ALL: It is designed to fit in any type of shoes including flats, loafers, pumps, high heels & boots etc. The clear gel is a good match with any shoe in different colors.


1) Clean your shoes and keep them dry
2) Remove the plastic backing of the cushions
3) Adjust the cushions onto the back & heel areas of your shoes
4) Stick the cushions to your shoes and press firmly

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