Anti-Slip Heel Grips (Beige)

Anti-Slip Heel Grips (Beige)



VivoFoot Anti-Slip Heel Grips are designed with skin-friendly anti-slip gel dots and ergonomic shape that replicates the contour of your heels. They are made of high-quality breathing fabrics and thick sponge material that provide soft padding around your heels, reducing shoe size and turning big shoes into snug ones. The heel cushions have strong 3M adhesive backing, so you don’t have to worry about it falling off. You would be surprised at how a small product saves your shoes and heels!

  • PERFECT SHOE SIZER: designed with a thickness of 6 mm, the extra padding it provides at the heels can make your big shoes fit and comfortable
  • STRONG ADHESIVE: it is made with strong 3M adhesive that can stay firmly on your shoes so you do not have to worry about it falling off
  • BETTER GRIP: it is made with skin-friendly anti-slip gel dots to provide better grip and keep your heels from slipping out
  • BETTER COMFORT: with the high quality breathable fabric and thick shock-absorbing sponge, the heel cushion can provide soft padding around your heel, preventing it from rubbing , blisters or pain while walking
  • ONE FITS ALL: it is designed to fit in any type of shoes including flats, loafers, pumps, high heels and boots etc.


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