Gel Ball of Foot Cushions

Gel Ball of Foot Cushions

Do you wear high heels a lot?
Do you suffer from burning pain in your ball of foot?
Do you stand on hard floor most of the day?
This product is right for you!
VivoFoot Ball of Foot pads are made with high-quality gel material that trelieve pressure and redistribute weight from the painful area to more tolerant areas, making your feet comfortable all day long.

INSTANT FOOT PAIN RELIEF: helps to prevent the burning pain in the ball of your feet
SHOCK ABSORPTION: made with high quality soft gel that absorbs shock and friction forces , providing excellent cushioning & redistributing pressure equally of the metatarsal area
PERFECT FOR HIGH HEELS: prevent your foot from sliding forward & relieve pain
ANTI-SLIP SURFACE: Non-slip technology to stay firmly in place
ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL:it can be used by men or women,and for any kind of shoes

1) Clean your shoes and keep them dry
2) Remove the plastic backing of the pads
3) Put the pads onto the forefoot areas of your shoes
4) Stick the pads o to your shoes and press firmly

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