Gel Heel Cushion

Gel Heel Cushion



This heel grip is designed for comfort and support. With a soft gel cushion and leather backing 5mm thick, it provides gentle padding around the heels to reduce shoe size and make a loose fit feel snug and secure. The unique and supportive design makes it ideal for barefoot wear and ensures a comfortable fit inside any type of shoe. Featuring a breathable gel surface and supple leather, it cradles the heels for all-day cushioning without added bulk. Whether you need to downsize shoes or want an extra layer of protection for sensitive heels, this versatile insole takes the pressure off for balanced comfort with every step.

  • Cushioned Comfort: The gel cushion and leather back provide soft padding around your heels for all-day comfort, reducing pressure and friction.
  • Custom Fit: Turning big shoes into snugly-fitting ones, the heel grip shapes to your foot for a perfect personalized fit.
  • Barefoot Wearing: Suitable for wearing shoes without socks, the cushioned 5mm thickness protects your heels from irritation when barefoot.
  • Size Reduction: Designed to reduce shoe size, it transforms loose shoes into the right fit while still allowing room for your toes.
  • Long-Lasting Use: Made from durable gel and leather, the heel grip maintains its shape over time to keep your shoes feeling like a custom fit.


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